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Dashboard with top ten most viewed pages, add-ins and documents across site collections

AnalyticsLite is a free trial version of Analytics add-in with more than a month free trial period. No purchase necessary. It shows current data visualized with pie charts.

AnalyticsLite is easy to use. Data is based on search results. It does not require any configuration other than having search turned on.

Results are pages and documents from all site collections that are included in the default search scope.

The pie chart to the left is based on all time results, while the pie chart to the right displays numbers for recent views.

Number of views and links to pages and documents are displayed in the list below the pie chart.

You can sort and filter current report results by "View All", "Documents", "Size", and "This Site". You can search for an author name, as well.

You can save the report in the "Saved Reports" library, and manage the results in Excel.

The number of views over time period and information about site users is not part of the report.

License: 1 for all users per Office 365 tenant or SharePoint on-premises web application. Analytics Lite is a free trial version with more than a month trial period for Analytics add-in at