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Sharevoyance Comments

Lawyerease LLC
Maintain a comment history for any document or folder in any library

Sharevoyance Comments allows you to select any of your document libraries from a drop-down list and provides a convenient tree-view of folders and items.

After you select a library from the drop-down, click on a folder or item within a folder, and enter or paste comments.

You can now also preview Office files and PDF's simply by double-clicking the item.

From any file or folder, access your Sharevoyance Comments from the context menu.

In the Sharevoyance add-in, all users' comments are saved and displayed newest first, so you have the entire comment history at your fingertips!

Great for case notes, revision histories, project updates, event updates, change histories, logs - almost any application where multiple users need to quickly and easily comment on document library content!

Sharevoyance Comments is a 100% SharePoint-hosted add-in, which means that the entire application resides on your site and does not rely on external websites.


- Use Sharevoyance Comments as a full page web application, or add as a web part to any SharePoint web part page.

- Sharevoyance Comments is completely dynamic, so it can be resized to fit into your web part pages.

- Select a document library, and all folders (or optionally, items and folders) are listed in an easy-to-use tree view.

- When used as a web part, optional properties allow you to define a default library, and whether to show just folders, or items and folders.

- Click on a folder or item and type or paste text to create a new comment, note, instruction, or reminder.

- Update or delete comments with a simple click (subject to system administrator's optional settings).

- The most recent comment is automatically updated in the Sharevoyance Comments column in the document library for the selected folder or item (this is kept in sync when anyone updates or deletes comments, subject to system settings).

- An integer column, "SVCount", automatically keeps a count of comments for each file and folder. This field can be added to any view.

- Users can view the most recent comments directly in the library (they don't need to have a Sharevoyance Comments license).

- The SVComment field is a SharePoint multi-line field ("note"), so it's practically unlimited in size (tested up to 8,000 characters).

- All comments are stored in the SharevoyanceComments list with a reference to the library ID and list item ID. These remain even if you uninstall the application.

- Designate site-wide settings for the Sharevoyance Comments add-in. These settings are stored in the "SharevoyanceSettings" list which is created the first time you launch the application:

-- Enable updating of existing comments.

-- Restrict updating or deletion of existing comments to the comment's owner.

-- Enable auto check-out/in of documents in libraries requiring check-out (since Sharevoyance maintains the latest comment for the item in the SVComment library field).

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Note: at this time, Firefox is not supported.