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Bundesliga Prediction Game

novaCapta Software & Consulting GmbH
The German Bundesliga Prediction Game Add-In

Soccer is the number one topic of conversation in your company every Monday morning? Then get the German National Soccer League (Bundesliga) for your intranet!

Use your employees' interest in soccer to increase their acceptance of your SharePoint intranet.

With Bundesliga Prediction Game, you can

- view the latest Bundesliga tables,

- access detailed information about soccer teams,

- bet on the next Bundesliga matches,

- view your own bets and results,

- view the bets and results of your co-workers,

- track the intern ranking list

Technical data:

Bundesliga Prediction Game is a SharePoint hosted add-in implemented with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#: The add-in is responsive and therefore optimized for mobile devices.

Bundesliga Prediction Game is available as a free download via Microsoft Office SharePoint Store. For individual adaptions and expansions please feel free to contact us.