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iGlobe eXpense Office 365

Handling you credit card transaction has never been easier

Start automating your Credit Card expense reporting with iGlobe Expense Office 365.

By automating your travel expense reporting, you save time and resources for both the traveler and related administration.

The app secures a significantly shorter approval cycle and faster reimbursement to employees.

Integration to accounting system can be done by export and import or you can use the direct data-integration into QuickBooks.

We currently support Mastercard and Amex more Credit Card are coming soon.

All this you directly from your office 365, on you PC, Tablet or smartphone.

****** If you have any issues, please email We don't get notifications for the reviews and there's no way for us to respond to help you resolve any issue. ******

NOTICE! This app is compatible with IE10 and upper version. Latest version of Chrome & Firefox.