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U@Work - Project Management

Nascor Technologies Private Limited
Manage work from mailbox – team, projects, activities, tasks, meetings, plus rich dashboard

U@Work add-in, transforms email UI, offering project management features, for one to manage work and emails too, without leaving the email window.

U@Work, a patent pending concept, is built for Office 365 Outlook users in any Industry.

Form Teams, across industries (stakeholders with different email domains, example,, gluing users and conversations, enabling involvement and collaboration.

Generally, work day starts with emails. Also, separate PM tools are used to manage work. U@Work merges PM features into email, for one to plan, execute, monitor and fulfil work.

U@Work is intuitive, seamlessly blends with email UI, for one to structure and manage work items such as project, activities, tasks, meetings and monitor progress with live dashboard, all, without leaving the email window.

One need not, separately register or login to any portal or website.

This team collaboration add-in, takes away the burden, by auto-organising work emails and folders ground up.

As work is organized, work transitions are quick and easy. Reduces worry, when people move in and out of organizations. As work structure, work items can be defined, shared and managed, it brings uniformity and standardization within and across teams and even improving adherence to ISO, CoBIT standards.

U@Work is simple, easy to use and flexible enough to structure work your way and execute. With zero learning curve, any user can adopt without the psychological fear of change.

Using U@Work, reduces duplication, time, effort, alleviate pain points and significantly enhances productivity for individuals and teams.

This add-in mitigates the need for other business tools and makes every day @work fruitful.

Achieve, timeliness with quality, build relations with trust and amplify business value.

U@Work is accessible as OWA from latest browsers versions and on Windows, Mac desktop Office Outlook clients.

When users start, they have to authenticate using currently logged in, Outlook credentials to work properly.

Refer URL below for more details.

In this release,

Dashboard enhanced, Meeting mgt module, defect fixes, teaming across different O365 email domains.

Salient features,

-Manage Work

Create, structure and manage work items such as projects, activities, assign people, exchange work emails, share, update work items etc.

-Live Dashboard

Provides real-time summary, data, metrics with powerful infographics and actionable insights about work items.

-Auto-Organize Work Structure as Folders

Owner or Manager creates work structure and shares to team. Members receive email and import, work structure and work items are created as email folders in every team member mail box automatically. Organises work across team ground up, brings uniformity and entire team on same page.

-Auto-Organize Work Emails

From UI, when any team member sends email, with a work item context set, by selecting project, activity, sub-activity etc., emails received by team member(s) is auto-organised by routing to respective work item folders. So, work emails are organised ground-up, saves time and locating emails is quick and easy.

-Manage Tasks

Covers life cycle. Create, assign, track tasks. When updated, monitor progress with data auto-rolled to dashboard.

-Manage Meetings

Covers life cycle with elements such as Invite, auto-update calendar, edit and share Meeting Minutes, track Action items, Decisions, auto-roll up metrics to dashboard.

Know more - requirements, features, usage

More, rich features to follow.

For bulk licenses, customisation to interface with tools like TFS, SharePoint, CRM, ERPs, contact

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can read or modify the contents of any item in your mailbox, and create new items. It can access personal information -- such as the body, subject, sender, recipients, or attachments -- in any message or calendar item. It may send this data to a third-party service.