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NCFX Spot TCA provides spot Transaction Cost Analysis based on award-winning independent data

NCFX Spot TCA provides an independent tool to instantly analyse your spot FX costs against our independent, award-winning, FX market data.

NCFX Spot TCA means that traders are able to instantly understand transaction costs through an easy to use, fast Excel add-in. Costs are established by measuring against the independent NCFX Data Stream which establishes an independent mid-rate in 65 currency pairs 20 times a second.

By using the NCFX Spot TCA tool, traders can compare the execution costs of banks, algorithms, brokers and platforms against a common reference and so always ensure that execution is being done as well as possible.

For control and compliance departments, the independent data means that each deal can be checked against a data stream that cannot be manipulated by the front office.

In addition to the Spot FX TCA Add-in, we also offer a second TCA Add-in covering forwards, swaps, NDFs and restricted currencies. Please contact us for more information on this app.

For more information on why independent Foreign Exchange Measurement is crucial to your business, please visit

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet