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AneScan Drug Usage Report

AneScan LLC
Drug Usage Report helps streamline audit, fraud, and waste detection.

Pharmacists need to document the amount of drugs dispensed to patients for during surgical procedures. This information is currently provided by hand written anesthesia records which are often hard to read, susceptible to human error, and allows for no data analytics across patients and medical facilities to detect usage trends or fraud. Many hospitals across the US lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on improper drug record keeping and have significant legal liability exposure. Solution: AneScan provides an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for the anesthesia provider to track information such as patient, medical procedures, staff involvement, and drug usage information. Using AneScan helps the providers track required information for billing and clinical documentation purposes. Since this data is already being tracked and recorded, this information (or a subset) can be distributed to clients (or third parties through the use of Azure Cloud Services API). AneScan provides a Drug Usage Excel Add-in that gives the user access to information to help streamline the audit, fraud detection and waste detection process. Ultimately the Excel Add-In leads to improved patient care and safety. Benefits of Excel Add-In: • Digitally captures amount of drugs administered for pharmacists, improving documentation and facilitating audits. • Allows facilities to enforce national standards and protocols for delivery of drugs. Anesthesia providers that are not following protocols can be identified quickly and training can be provided to immediately correct any improper clinical techniques. • Provides opportunities to anesthesia groups to closely monitor drug administration for certain procedures, comorbidities, patient weight, narcotic drug abusers, etc.. • Facilitates clinical studies of drug administration. • Enables detection of narcotic waste, which will lead to reduction of narcotic waste and related cost saving for the hospital/surgery center.

NOTE: This Excel Add-in requires Excel 2016 or higher in order to run.

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