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Information Panel

Ciprian Panzariu
SharePoint add-in to display basic information in a stylish layout

Information Panel is a simple SharePoint add-in which allows you to set-up in few easy steps a stylish information board on your SharePoint site.

The application uses the Megafolio Pro jquery plugin to generate the tiles and jQuery Fancybox to display the tiles contents.

The add-in doesn't need any permissions to run and no external data is being sent or loaded, the app is self-contained and isolated.

To add content you can just navigate to the Information Panel List, add a new item by specifying Title, Contents and a picture, that's it.

You can customize the main title and the colour theme by using the Settings list (check user instructions).


• Simple content management, the data is stored in a SharePoint list.

• Show/Hide tiles by setting up unique role assignments in the Info Grid List

• Customize tiles layout, background color and title.

• Showing/hiding admin links based on the list permissions.