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ND|Move. Move documents around your SharePoint.

Moving documents around your SharePoint portal should be easy. With ND Move, it is.

This version of ND|Move is only for SharePoint online.

Every day, someone in the organization realizes they should give their document a new home on the company intranet—but instead of moving it, they leave it where it is. Why? Because it actually involves a deceptive amount of work. Not only does the move itself involve a three-step process of downloading, deleting and then uploading, there is also the metadata that needs to be recreated at the target location. Finally, there are the previous versions of the file to be considered as well. Rather than face the effort and even potential data loss, users often leave documents where they are. Good for risk mitigation, but bad for document management.

The ND Move add-in provides an easy, intuitive way for users to relocate their documents in SharePoint.

- Attractive, familiar User Interface integrated into SharePoint

- Copy or move files across your SharePoint portal

- Migrate all metadata along with the documents

Make good document management practice easier for SharePoint users today, with ND Move.

ND Move is a member of the ND Manage suite of add-ins that combine to deliver Information Management functionality to SharePoint and Office 365. ND Manage add-ins are created and supported by NetDexterity, specialists with over 10 years of experience delivering ECM solutions in the Government and Enterprise space.

For an optimized experience please use Internet Explorer 10 or higher.