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Actionspace for Outlook: Tasks-Projects-Workflows

Actionspace LLC
Create tasks from your Outlook and attach emails to your projects and workflows in Actionspace

'Actionspace for Outlook: Tasks-Projects-Workflows' app lets you create tasks from any email and keep your emails structured within a certain project or workflow.

When you use Outlook and Actionspace together you get a perfect suite to ensure visibility of your communication streams and business workflows - both with external customers and internal teams.

Key features:

  • Transform any email into a task in Actionspace - the topic of the email becomes the task name and the body of the email becomes the task description

  • Attach an email to a running project/workflow in Actionspace - and ensure that your emails never get lost

  • Share your emails with numerous activities in Actionspace in 1 click - the email will be copied to every activity you choose

How to start:

Once you add 'Actionspace for Outlook: Tasks-Projects-Workflows' app, it will allow you to login to your existing Actionspace subscription within Office 365 and SharePoint Online or to create a new Actionspace subscription by using your Office 365 user ID.

Supported versions of Outlook:

2013, 2016, Outlook Web App (Outlook Online)


About Actionspace

Actionspace is a powerful, fully customizable business app for SharePoint and Office 365 which helps managers to get instant visibility into projects and workflows, effectively manage daily teamwork and ensure timely completion of business projects and tasks.

Actionspace follows a unique approach in helping companies better manage their business by combining ready-to-use apps for Office 365, SharePoint Online and Outlook with best-of-breed consulting services of custom feature development, branding and integration with other IT systems. Such approach leads to the exact match of Actionspace solutions to client’s business need.

Actionspace apps help managers and executives to:

  • Manage and track daily teamwork without email overload

  • Collaborate on-the-go from virtually any mobile device

  • Get instant reports in what people are doing: their accomplishments, issues and failures

  • Get instant visibility into project progress on the project portfolio dashboard

  • Anticipate risks and missed deadlines via notifications and interactive Gantt charts

  • Create workflow and project templates for regular procedures

  • Master the operational routine with a unique feature of recurrent tasks and recurrent projects

  • Increase enterprise productivity

Actionspace provides a full stack of integrations for Office 365 users:

  • Native SharePoint integration provides seamless access to your enterprise content and keeps it secure and confidential

  • Native Azure AD integration guarantees Single Sign-on secure access

  • Outlook integration drives fast user adoption and helps keep all emails attached to the right project or workflow

For those who want to perfectly adapt Actionspace to their business needs, install it on premises or get deeper integration with other IT systems, we offer relevant consulting services.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access personal information on the active message, such as sender names, recipient names, email addresses, message body, and attachment information. The add-in may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.