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Project Status Reporting

Grobman and Schwarz GmbH
Status reporting for projects in MS Project Server

With gsStatus SharePoint/Project Server add-in project owner reports the current project status to the manager. The manager can see the project status of various projects in an overview.

Edit Project Status

Edit project status page provides a possibility for a project owner to input and report a status of a project.

Edit project status page contains of 2 colunms. In the left column there are controls for current project status input. Right column has action buttons with information text and list of project status reports history. Traffic lights' values are set by clicking a corresponding color. Clicking currently selected color deselects a value (sets value to none). "Status comments/description" is input box for textual description of the current status.

After values are entered into left column, a project owner uses Save button to save current project status as a draft version for publishing. Saving a status enables report preview and Publish buttons. Preview Report button opens a project status report preview as a downloaded PDF file. After previewing the report, user publishes the status with Publish button. The project status is published along with the status report. All published status reports are available to download as PDF files. Links to these reports are shown in the list below the action buttons. Below Save and Publish buttons a text might appear, with user and time information about last saving/publishing the status.

Overview Project Status

Overview project status page shows information about all published project statuses.

The information is presented in form of a table. Each row represents a latest published status of a project. Column project name contains a link to corresponding project's Schedule page, column status report has a link to the latest detailed status report PDF file.