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Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online

Collabion Technologies
Transform your SharePoint list data into insightful, customizable 2D and 3D charts

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online is a 100% codeless solution designed for building stunning and insightful charts in SharePoint Online. Its major USP is its ease of use, which lets you build each chart with fewer than 5 clicks.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online offers the following unbeatable features:

  • Extensive chart gallery – 25 chart types for you to choose from, including several 3D varieties.

  • Quick and easy data sourcing – Connect to SharePoint lists and views through simple 2-step process.

  • Customizability – Modify chart and axes labels as necessary.

  • Advanced data exploration: Apply advanced features like filtering, grouping, sorting, and selecting top records OOTB - it automatically reads these information from the applied List View.

  • Power features – Dual Y-axis and multiple plot types (line, area, column) let you compare different aspects of your data and grant you additional insights into it.

  • Beautiful, pre-configured themes: CCSP Online gives you multiple themes for you to choose from, to make your charts more visually appealing.


Licensing Information


Please note that a license is only required to create or edit the charts. No license is necessary to view the charts.