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EZONES Content Curator for SharePoint

OWNZONES Media Network Inc.
Stream 3rd party content resources directly into SharePoint

EZONES Content Curator for SharePoint allows users to engage with your business's priority content- both internal and external- more effectively, increasing employee productivity and engagement.

Help your most critical content rise above the clutter by showcasing the resources that matter most to your team. Keep users engaged with streaming 3rd party content for a consistently fresh and dynamic user experience.

With EZONES, you are able to:

  • Expose the most relevant content to individual users, creating a personalized and more effective experience.
  • Allow users to consume that content directly inside SharePoint without sending them to separate players or programs. This includes video, audio, Office documents, PDFs, images, and more.
  • Increase user adoption and engagement by making your SharePoint environment a hub for anything and everything your users may need, both from internal or external sources.

Not only do we make your internal content more accessible to users, but EZONES for SharePoint also allows you to stream external content directly into your SharePoint environment. Whether it's HR training, industry resources, business news, or any other information or resources you can think of, we can source and provide it for you!


[#LI ]Drag EZONES anywhere inside SharePoint and select your desired layout and content appearance [/#LI]

  • Select by Channel, Topic, or based on SharePoint User Profile
  • Consume content on any device using EZONES’ multi format transcoding, optimized for mobile and rich clients
  • Utilize our secure player optimized for tablet and phone devices with low speed bandwidth
  • Determine channel priority and size
  • Select “required” content for mandatory user viewing
  • Tag and map content to Corporate Topics
  • Fully integrated with SharePoint Search for faster, easier access to the resources your users need most

EZONES Content Curator for SharePoint allows you to get started with a free preview of our service. Just create an account and you are ready to empower your content!