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Who is Who Add-in by KEMBIT

Easy to use and free Who is Who Add-in for SharePoint

New features in version

- Added the ability to change the rendering style of the items: "Cards"-view.

- Added the ability to add custom labels for the custom properties that van be defined.

- Added a filter text input to be able to filter in the Who is Who add-in by typing in text.

Using the Who is Who Add-in Part you can easily create an overview of employees in your SharePoint environment. The Who is Who Add-in Part shows profile pictures, features full Skype for Business integration (add the SharePoint domain, https://*, to your Trusted Sites for this to work), shows one or more profile field values and the number of shown profiles per page can be adjusted. Provide a smart search query to create a group of users. The Add-in features the ability to show custom profile fields, given that they are Searchable/Queryable/Retrievable.