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Get access to all your templates in all your document libraries.

Usually a company’s document templates are stored somewhere on a disk and accessed by some application in order to categorize into department, type and keywords. The problem is keeping this up to date since people have created their own copies and no one knows where the correct version is. By using TemplateHub you have the latest versions in every document library, categorized and security trimmed available by a single click.


  • Instant access to templates from document library ribbon.
  • Sort, Filter and search for templates in selecting the right one.
  • Remembers last used and favorite templates for each user.
  • Possible to display custom metadata attached to each template.
  • Possible to enforce template content type in the library where it’s being used.
  • As usual in SharePoint, security trimmed view of templates. You only see what you have permission to.
  • One setup page to provision a document library in content type hub site for storing templates.

Installation is straightforward. Setup screen tells you your status of configuration and adds the missing parts if needed. You need to have permission add an add-in in your site and permission to create a document library in “content type hub” site.