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Sharepoint Metro Navigation - Windows 10 Style

The Aurum Metro Navigation create a clear SharePoint navigation in the trendy Windows 10-style to lists, libraries, sites, and other relevant locations. Simple, with a few clicks and your corporate identity.

This links are presented not only clear, but also timely to additional company information. The intuitive navigation structure is both on the computer as well as on mobile devices - such as the iPad -. Comfortable to use. They even create the navigation easy, with a few clicks, in an ordinary list, everything else takes Aurum Metro navigation for you.

To add additional descriptive information? No problem - the product can accommodate a title or short texts that can be displayed or hidden by drop-down menu or. What content, graphics or links you insert into the text box, you decide, the creative possibilities are almost unlimited!


1. Time saving by find information quickly

2. Motivation through usability

3. Experience navigation on mobile devices

4. More clarity through customizable workspaces and Favorites

5. User-friendly configuration of the tiles on the 6th SharePoint interface without code by the Site Owner


1. choice between different navigation illustrations in simple tile design or modern SharePoint 2013 style.

2. Fully automatic display of icons, wallpapers, own or Youtube® videos and photos slide shows or scrolling of SharePoint list content (announcements, news, etc.)

3. Personalize the tile color through integrated color picker with caching of design colors 10 most recently used

4. Free definition of tile sizes, fonts and font sizes

5. Optionally own CSS integrated

6. Leave hyperlinks behind navigation elements (tiles). Open links in the same window, new window or in a modal window (size freely definable)

7. Visualization of content from SharePoint lists

8. Embedding YouTube videos or videos from SharePoint libraries. The display of the video can be done in a tile or in a modal window.

9. Size of the tiles can be adjusted by predetermined standard sizes 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 2x4, 4x4 or individually.

10 grid size on the tiles is to be arranged fei Configurable (default 150 x 150 pixels)

11.Freie arrangement of tiles by position assignment in the configuration list

12. Leave the help strings or descriptions of the tiles, which are visible on mouseover

13. Display of multiple images from SharePoint picture libraries in a tile with various adjustable slideshow effects

14. Showing the title / text in the language of your SharePoint: English or German

15. Each element within the Metro Navigation has its own CSS class, which can be easily implement special customer requests

16. The configuration of the tiles is stored in a SharePoint list.

17. Preview the page with current color selection in the SharePoint list

18. The product brings about 4000 high resolution icons from various sectors for the tile design with

19. SharePoint lists can be opened and edited on the tiles in the modal window.


1. Home your SharePoint environment with links to the main areas of your business

2. publishing portals, department pages, service portals

3. All movies of your company on one side


4. Navigation for SharePoint content such as lists and libraries from SharePoint clearly


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