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SharePoint Online Search Toolbox by Puzzlepart

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Your one stop shop to see what's going on in item search

This application gives you access to the crawl logs in SharePoint Online.

"When was my content last indexed?"

"Why isn't my content showing in search?"

Both common questions and easily solved with access to the crawl log. The crawl log allows you to see when content last was indexed or if there are any warnings or errors related to crawling.

The application will quickly save your tenant administrators and developers hours of work when developing and troubleshooting search based solutions in your tenant.

By installing a second add-in available from the add-in itself, you can also trigger re-indexing of all content and user profiles. A very useful feature when you modify the search schema for search based solutions as you cannot start a full crawl in SharePoint Online.


The API for batch update of user profiles is currently only available in tenants with "first release" enabled, and thus the functionality will not work in the add-in without this API.

This SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with another add-in, which is only available from the provider. This requires installation on your environment outside of the Microsoft Office Store processes due the level of required permissions. A SharePoint tenant administrator will need to deploy this specific add-in to the tenant manually, so that it can be installed to your environment. When apps are installed outside of the Microsoft Office Store, they may bypass any, and all, safety and security checks provided by Microsoft.

If you have not done so already, it is recommended that you establish contact with the provider before proceeding with installation. Consider trying this add-in on a separate SharePoint Tenancy before installing it on your primary SharePoint site(s).