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beanTech - Copy and Paste

Application to carry out copy and paste operations of files within SharePoint

beanCopy is an application created to carry out multiple copy and paste commands on document type lists and element type lists in any position within the same tenant. This application is perfectly embedded in SharePoint sites in the tool bars to grant an easy and practicle use, and its behavior is the usual copy and paste behavior in Windows.

The operations of copying and pasting are asynchronous allowing the user to continue its browsing and do not depend on the chosen browser, therefore you can keep the operation active even if you exit the browser. Such functionalities are not native in SharePoint and allow to manage more efficiently documents and contents.

The application will access only the path of the copied files, therefore the documents will never exit their SharePoint Online

The application allows to copy and paste files, folders, Document sets, list items among:

• Folders

• Libraries

• Sites

• Site Collections

While copying the metadata is preserved if present in the destination library.

It is possible to access the log of the last ten operations.