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BridgeBI: Bring Live BI to your site.

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BridgeBI allows you to display your Power BI Reports and Tiles on your site.

Using BridgeBI functionality, you can surface reports on your site alongside other business information such as documents or list data. This allows for enhanced productivity and a central ‘go to’ area where information can be collated.

Key Features

• Display full reports

• Display 1 section of reports

• Display multiple sections (tiles) of multiple reports in 1 location

• Reports can be exported

• Reports update in real time

BridgeBI brings live reports to where they are needed, letting you build custom pages to get an at-a-glance overview of information surfaced using Power BI reports. For example, by inserting BridgeBI web parts into your page you can quickly and easily create a custom dashboard containing Power BI Reports and Tiles which will allow you to make key business decisions more efficiently.

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