sDocument - Document Encryption

by StroSecurity

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Upload important documents with an encryption key

Upload documents safely with your own key into a SharePoint online storage

sDocument is a SharePoint add-in that you can upload files with your own key. It allows setting of password per document library. File contents are protected with 256 bit AES, which is high enough for most security requirements. It can be used for a simple archive solution or secure file transfer between third party or vendors.


  • Uploading files with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Uploading files with less than 1 MB for free trial version and 100MB for paid version
  • Upload files with a new file extension such as ".encrypted" to prevent overwriting existing files
  • Unlock/Lock feature for editing an encrypted file or downloading a decrypted file in SharePoint
  • Password key stored per document library
  • Set Upload permission
  • Set Unlock/lock permission
  • Password key stored securely

  • Keeping back up password key (optional)
  • Run from Microsoft Azure Server
  • No trackers installed

  • Site license available

Site version is available at

Users manual is located at

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