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TimeOff is an add-in that supports HR in leave of absence forms workflow and management.

TimeOff makes leaves’ request handling easy. It’s the basic add-in version which covers most of needs for companies with up to 200 users. Above 200 users, check Enterprise version: Comparison of Timeoff and TimeOff Enterprise version you can find here:

• Outlook on planned holidays – visible for manager and HR department

• Calendar view for individuals and groups (available for manager and HR department)

• Possibility to check how many days off are already taken and how many left

• Pointing out a person who is in charge during absence of an employee

• Assistant that can accept requests in the name of manager

• Two-stages request confirmation process depending of the type of leave (can be accepted by the manager or HR department)

• E-mails informing about submitting and accept of request

• Requests and reports printing

• Individual days off to be defined in the calendar ( national holidays etc.)

• Others

For more information write directly to Fild.NET on If you need additional support for your users so that they can focus on using the add-in not the technical part, contact us.