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Reportin for Word

Reportin Inc.
Store and share content with Reportin and work across your team more effectively.

Bring static file content to life. With a few clicks, insert content into your documents with Reportin and know that you are always up to date. If any changes occur at the source, you will be notified ensuring you are always 100% accurate.

To start accessing and leveraging your document content install Reportin for Word and get Reportin at This add-in is designed for use with the Reportin web application and the 'Reportin for Excel' add-in.

Eliminate routine manual work with Reportin. Stop copying and pasting to share content and stop using the same manual processes to make updates. With Reportin you can easily work with snippets of content from across your team and eliminate the endless emails and confusion around who has what piece of information.

Improve your accuracy across files. Stop spending hours checking and updating content. All content snippets stored in Reportin are instantly versioned from the source and available as updates (when changes occur) across all inserted files.

Collaborate on the stuff that matters. Free your interactions from the silos of files and drill down to the critical decisions that matter to your team.

Try Reportin today and discover the future of work.


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Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet