Jira Plugin for Outlook (OTJ Jira for Outlook previously)

by Infosysta

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Transform the way you handle Jira issues from your Outlook email with Jira Plugin for Outlook!

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Transform your task management game with this Jira Plugin for Outlook on whatever device you choose

OTJ Jira for Outlook is now Jira Plugin for Outlook.

New features:

  • Give customers access to JSM portal to create tickets from Outlook!
  • Log work through Tempo Fields with preset admin configurations

  • Display Insight fields in 'Create issue'

  • Preview & rename attachments

Important: to enable the app, install the Microsoft Outlook for Jira add-on from the Jira add-ons section or through Atlassian Marketplace.

Create, edit & comment on issues using email

  • View related issues on Outlook

  • Create sub-tasks

  • Add attachments & files

  • Send bulk email attachments to Jira

  • Find issues with advanced search filters

  • Import email subject and body automatically

Note: To use this add-on, you need an Atlassian Jira account. If you don't have a Jira instance, you can try it for free.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This app can read or modify the contents of any item in your mailbox, and create new items. It can access personal information -- such as the body, subject, sender, recipients, or attachments -- in any message or calendar item. It may send this data to a third-party service.

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