Chronograph xConnect

by Chronograph

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Pull your Chronograph data into Excel in realtime.

Chronograph xConnect provides clients of Chronograph with an intuitive interface through which to access their database, and find investment entities and their attributes within Excel.


Using the “Find an Entity” tool, clients can search their whole database to find companies, fund commitments, or other investments easily. Helpful tools and descriptions make choosing the correct entity simple. When an entity is selected, users can easily insert that entity’s ID into Excel, or can continue to construct a formula using that entity.


Chronograph captures all of the data related to your investments, and the “Find an Attribute” tool makes searching and browsing those data points fast and easy. The list of available attributes automatically updates based on the currently selected entity, or conversely shows the entities on which an attribute is available. Selected attributes can be inserted directly into Excel, or can be used in the Formula Builder.


The “Formula Builder” automatically updates as you select entities and attributes, and guides users to the parameters required by each attribute (e.g. date, period, currency). Users can test formulae without entering each formula into Excel, or can insert the pre-constructed formula directly into the active cell.


Chronograph provides cloud-based analytics, data management, and collaboration tools for private equity investors. For more information or to request a demo, please visit

Note: Chronograph xConnect is a tool intended for use by clients of Chronograph alongside Chronograph’s xConnect Functions (distributed separately), and requires a valid Chronograph account.

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