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Automate your IT managed service provider business's repetitive tasks using customizable bots

Do you have employees who don't follow your business processes and procedures? Are their outputs inconsistent, fluctuating based on their energy level, mood, and other factors? Are you frustrated knowing that their time can be spent focusing on solving clients' problems rather than doing repetitive SOPs? Do you spend a lot of resources in training them without seeing improvements in your operations?

For many MSP businesses, the greatest challenge is finding the right people, training them, and retaining them. Whenever there's a staffing change, the business is negatively affected.

Even if you have the right people, if they fail to follow policies and procedures, that would waste time and money – sometimes even costing you a client. All of these can hurt your business.

Let bots handle your MSP's tedious and routine tasks -- so your human talents can focus on more important and creative tasks!

Our bots are specially designed to help IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) maximize their resources through automation.

Our bots sync with ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, Office365, Tsheets, QuickBooks, Time Doctor, Veeam, and other programs to take away mundane and repetitive business processes and tasks away from your hands -- and on to the capable, precise, and 24/7 active bots.

With MSPbots, you can minimize the need for trainings and maximize efficiency, precision, and productivity in your business.

We have more than 20 bots that remind techs to:

✓ submit complete and accurate time entries

✓ log back in after their break

✓ attach the agreement in every time entry

✓ write the Resolution in every ticket

✓ act on tickets that have been In Progress for a long time

✓ review their tasks before they start working

✓ check their tasks before they end their workday

✓ make sure that their time entry does not contain the password or specific words

✓ write the Next Steps

✓ clock in and out on time

✓ and more

We also have a bot that automatically clocks techs in and out by syncing with their TSheets account.

Expect higher efficiency and greater productivity with MSPbots in your business.

Here are our recently-released bots:

Tech Stats Reviewer

Do some of your techs clock out when they still have tickets in progress, low utilization, and overlapping time entries? This bot informs techs about their work hours, utilization rate, overlapping time entries, and in-progress tickets whenever they take a break.

All of these info, plus their pending tasks, are sent to them again a few minutes (customizable setting) before they end their workday so they can do what's needed before they leave.

Ticket Closure QA

Do you see many tickets that have missing info? This bot detects those tickets and informs your techs if they indicated the type, subtype, and configuration. With these info, it will be easier to analyze your clients' issues.

This will also make it easier for techs to resolve similar issues. Since most issues are due to updates in a device/software, the configuration can guide them in future troubleshooting tasks. Lastly, these info can also guide your training programs.

Prolonged Time Entry Verifier

Are you one of the MSPs that deal with issues caused by excessively long time entries? This is usually because techs made a mistake with AM/PM.

The Prolonged Time Entry Verifier detects extremely long time entries and alerts techs to fix them to avoid causing problems.

Is your MSP working from home?

Our Attendance bot simplifies attendance management by letting employees automatically update the system whenever they clock in, clock out, take breaks, etc.. They can update their attendance from Teams, the web app, and mobile app (coming soon).

With ConnectWise integration, the in-progress ticket of each tech is also shown, along with idle time. All of these make WFH collaboration easier and more effective.


To learn more about MSPbots, please visit For questions, you may search our knowledge base at

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