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365-QA is here to help answer your Microsoft 365 questions

This app will install 365-QA into Microsoft Teams, which will enable users to ask questions about how different Microsoft 365 apps work. 365-QA is a bot that answers all your Microsoft 365 questions, and answers are only taken from valid and approved sources so that the correct information surfaces.

Do you want to know how to set a signature in Microsoft Outlook or how to add a table in Microsoft Word? Does somebody in one of your Teams channels have a question on how to use a Microsoft tool? Instead of going to Google or Bing, ask 365-QA and copy and paste his answer back into the channel. Take the easy way and ask 365-QA. He will seek the solution for you, and if he’s not sure, he'll provide multiple answers. From there, you can click the link and visit the approved article.

365-QA is built to help regular Microsoft Teams users with questions that they would typically ask IT or spend hours on the web to find. But it can be much more. Let’s say somebody needs to know how to set his signature in Outlook. Then that can mean they have no idea where to find the correct buttons in Outlook to create an email signature, or they want to know what the company policy is on creating an Outlook signature. The answer is already integrated into 365-QA. Secondly, please contact us for more information on how to incorporate a version of 365-QA that will be specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.

The key benefits of 365-QA:

• Centralize all your information

• Integration of Microsoft Learn

• Integrate your Company Guidelines

• Stay within your context

We, at Advantive, strongly believe that you should bring information to the place where people already collaborate. And that central area, of course, is Microsoft Teams. Allowing people to ask Microsoft related questions will keep them focused on the task at hand and not wasting time finding information that they need to perform their daily tasks.

365-QA is deliberately kept simple and straightforward, which means everybody can use it. Once you install the app, you'll get the free version of the 365-QA app. This version contains the default Advantive layout and it will only contain the Microsoft Learn articles. If you want a custom layout or you want to include your own knowledge base, please have a look at the pricing model here (

Any feedback is always appreciated so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or remarks:

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