VisualSP - In Context Training

by VisualSP Inc.

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Provide instant access to Microsoft 365 end user training content and your own custom training

VisualSP exposes 100s of Microsoft 365 training and help content items, in the form of videos and quick reference sheets in-context to the end user within the Microsoft Teams interface. Custom business related training items can be added as well to provide training specific to your organization directly through Teams.

Employees can easily get access to training content by navigating to the tab in their Teams Channel to see the entire list of training items. They can sort, group, filter and search through the content with ease.

Employees can also get access to the entire library of training content through the chat and posts messaging areas. Clicking on the VisualSP app icon under the messaging area brings up the search screen. Users can search through the library of training. They can view the training content and also easily share it with other colleagues to help them with their need.

The premium version of VisualSP lets you customize the training library by creating your own training content. You can also view usage analytics for users to get a better understanding of who is utilizing the training content segmented by various time periods.

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