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Remote Workforce Management and Talent Engagement

COVID-19 changed everything from the way we conduct our day-to-day lives to the whole idea of Work.

Globally, workforces expect to continue practicing some form of remote work, post-pandemic, and this brings about unique challenges:

• Organizational survival and growth depends on digital transformation through talent

• Employee burn-out has become a top concern

• Workers need to learn, unlearn and relearn skills to stay relevant

SelfDrvn, integrated with Microsoft Teams and built on Microsoft Azure, is a proven, industry-leading enterprise Employee Experience platform to

• Gamify your team productivity and learning towards achieving strategic business goals

• Leverage data to optimize your talent outcomes

• Strengthen a working culture of agility, collaboration, innovation and customer-centricity

• Transform HR to be more employee-centric, leverage on the gig marketplace and work smarter with data analytics

Customer Business Outcomes:

• 400% increase in monthly sales per sales rep

• 100% increase in employee wellbeing program participation

• 80% employee completion of microlearning

• 5.5 days lower annual sick days per employee

Your Employee Experience drives your Customer Experience.

Make your employees ‘Self-Driven, not Boss-Driven’, and achieve your business outcomes to win in the marketplace, by first winning in the workplace.


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