Navigator 365

by Sharepointalist, Inc.

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SharePoint & Microsoft Teams document center with search, grouping and filtering.

Navigator 365 for Microsoft Teams & SharePoint is a document center displaying aggregated content with rich search, grouping, filtering, and layout capabilities. This versatile app works as a SharePoint web part, Microsoft Teams tab and Microsoft Teams personal app.

Installation and Configuration Help

We provide FREE installation and initial configuration help. Please reach out to to request a session.

Installation Manual

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Training Videos

We've made a YouTube Channel with video guides that will help you get started with Navigator 365.


With just a few configuration steps, Navigator 365 can showcase documents in a neat and structured way, providing an intranet-friendly experience for the end-users. It can show all documents across the site in a single view, enabling users to locate the right document in a few clicks. Quick and intuitive search and filters help to find that needle in a haystack!

Navigator 365 enables search driven intranet experience for Communication sites with just a few clicks. Finding your human resources documents, or marketing and sales presentations is easy with our app.

Use Navigator 365 as a Document Center search web part and as a replacement for out of the box search experience.

Taxonomy -driven navigation helps customers with complex managed metadata. Retention and sensitivity labels support helps with compliance (see compliance section below).

Folder search capabilities allows to navigate through extra large document libraries with millions of files and thousands of folders.

Folder Search Document Library App

Folder Search App helps to navigate across folders and document libraries of the site. The app is accessible right in the document libraries tool bar. Click on "Folder Search" button to open Folder Search panel to find and navigate to the right folder in one click.

Microsoft Teams

When using Microsoft Teams, the end-user is always working in the channel's context, essentially creating a silo. The experience is great when you are a member of couple teams with a few channels but quickly degrades to unmanageable, when gaining access to more channels and teams. Accessing documents is even more challenging, as you have to switch to the Files tab within the channel.

Navigator 365 provides the following document-centric capabilities in Microsoft Teams:

  • A single workplace to view/navigate documents across channels, teams, and SharePoint sites.
  • Showcase new/updated documents across teams/channels/SharePoint.
  • Custom dashboards aggregating across a particular selection of teams/channels/sites.
  • Increased data/document discoverability.
  • Proactive duplicates detection.
  • Taxonomy-driven navigation across documents.

Personal App / Dashboards

Navigator 365 Personal Apps allows creating the personalized private dashboards, enabling users to:

  • Quickly aggregate documents across selected teams, channels, and sites, effectively enabling custom "themed" dashboards (i.e., IT dashboard, HR dashboard, "Project X" dashboard, etc.)
  • Group data by teams, channels, folders, sites, contributors, managed metadata, enterprise keywords, and more.
  • Immediately see new/updated documents and team contributions.
  • Bring data from different Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites together on one screen.
  • Easily discover and navigate through documents across different repositories.
  • Search and refine aggregated data.


Navigator 365 enables users to explore classified content (respecting permissions). Filter and group by sensitive info type, sensitivity or retention label to see how many items are classified, where they're stored, and drill down even more to inspect the actual document. With no need for any special permissions or licensing, these capabilities enable departments to review and control their compliance.


Navigator 365 helps to navigate through the OneDrive documents shared with you.


Navigator 365 serves as a great SharePoint replacement for OpenText Custom View Search and Search Results widgets.

SharePoint Framework / SPFx

As a SharePoint Framework app (SPFx), Navigator 365 works consistently in both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, providing the same experience on the Team site home page, Microsoft Teams tab, or Teams Personal App.

FREE Version

Please note that after completing a 30-day trial, your license will be automatically converted to FREE version. Free version has the same functionality as the full version, with the limitation of showing up to 30 items per dashboard/view.

Release Notes

We are actively working on adding more features to the app. Click here to review the latest release notes.

Code Quality

We commit to the highest standards of code quality. Our code is verified by Rencore SPCAF. Click here to see the report.

Browser Support

Navigator 365 supports all modern Web browsers. IE11 support is available for the release version 2.9.1 and older. Please reach out to to request IE11 compatible version of the app.

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