by Sparkbeyond Ltd.

SparkLight is the fast, user-friendly way to unlock untapped value in your data.

SparkLight is based on a revolutionary AI-driven analytics engine, SparkLight empowers users to explore data, discover new patterns and relationships, and uncover root causes of business challenges – all much more efficiently than using traditional analytics methods.

Key Features:

- Immediate insights

- Automated calculation of metrics

- Easy creation of bespoke segments

- Natural Language Processing

- Geo-Spatial insights

- Collaborate with colleagues

- Easy report creation

- Export findings and reports

Discover incredible insights - Exploring data and testing ideas at an unmatched scale and speed, SparkLight evaluates countless possible ideas to find the strongest signals within the data and leverages them to discover the real root causes of business challenges.

Turn ideas into actions - Quickly reaching bottom-up insights, SparkLight translates these deep findings into straightforward business actions that can be monitored in real-time to ensure KPIs are really being met.

Collaborate to create true impact - Based on an industry-leading data science platform and designed for anyone who wishes to use data to understand business processes and outcomes, SparkLight supports effortless collaboration between data analysts, subject-matter experts, and decision-makers, enabling a shared exploration of ideas, impact evaluation, and concept adjustments.

You won’t believe the secrets your data holds!

*** Alpha Version ***

This release is the free Alpha version of SparkLight

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  • Can send data over the Internet

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