Maropost Connector for Excel

by Gapwise Consulting

Connect to your Maropost store to easily fetch and edit data directly from Excel.

Connect to your Maropost store, fetch data and save changes directly from Excel with this simple yet powerful interface.

The Maropost Connector for Excel will save time and hassles when updating your product data, managing product categories, stock level, creating ad-hoc reports and even custom dashboards.

Set up reports with easy-to-use filters and field selectors. Reports are displayed in an excel table making it easy to sort, filter, add to the Excel data model, create pivot tables, pivot charts or your own dashboard with custom formulas.

Edit your data directly in Excel then preview and save your data directly to Maropost with just a few clicks.

Our expand-by functionality allows for complex data types such as categories and images to be displayed on a single row or be expanded and show across multiple rows (e.g. each category the product belongs to is output to a separate row). This feature allows for much easier formula and dashboard creation when compared to a typical csv extract.

All report settings are saved so data can easily be refreshed in future sessions.

Limited functionality is available with no purchase required. For full functionality, users must purchase a subscription. A link to the subscription options is available within the Add-In.

Current Features Include:

-Fetching and saving most product fields

-Fetching category/content data

-Fetching and saving product category data in an easy to use matrix format

-Fetching and saving warehouse stock levels in an easy to use matrix format (*advanced inventory not yet supported)

Upcoming Features:

-Fetch and save pricing matrix

-Add new SKUs using on existing SKUs as a template

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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