Zynyo Sign for SharePoint Online

by Zynyo

Send documents from your SharePoint environment for a legally valid digital signature.

With the integration of ZYNYO into SharePoint, you can have all documents signed digitally (internally and externally) easily and legally. Digitally signing via ZYNYO is easy to use and provides the highest degree of legal validity. Characteristics ZYNYO platform:

- Versatility of signing options (mouse or 2FA)

- Online identification through bank (e.g. iDIN), passport app or eID (electronic identity)

- Fully Dutch platform and helpdesk

User friendly

Because all your (email) contacts are recognized by the ZYNYO app, you can quickly and easily send your documents from your own environment. You can also track the status of your signing request and get a notification when the signed document arrives in your Sharepoint environment.

Reliable & Secure

ZYNYO's signing platform is extremely secure and is trusted by municipalities, notaries, banks, hospitals and insurers.

The ZYNYO app also offers the possibility of online identification, where KYC obligations can be met easily and efficiently (no more risk with a paper copy or scan of an ID document).

ZYNYO's platform complies with Dutch and European (eIDAS) legislation and the highest privacy (AVG) and security requirements. All levels of digital signing, ordinary, advanced and qualified, are available within ZYNYO's Signing Service. For all documents, ZYNYO has the right solution.

Signing process

ZYNYO's SharePoint App makes it easy to send documents from SharePoint for signing. Select a document, enter the signatories and choose a means for the signer to sign (e.g. mouse scribble, SMS, BankID or eID) to send the signing request. After sending the signing request, the signers receive an email with a link to a secure environment where these documents can be read and then digitally signed. No special app or software is needed and it can be done on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or other device). The provider of the document is kept informed of the status and completion of the signing. After signing, the document, with a Deed of Signature, is stored in the same SharePoint folder. The Deed of Signature contains the audit trail where all actions and key attributes of the signers are recorded (name, date received/signed and authentication means). The signers automatically receive the signed document via email.

More information

For more information on digital signing via SharePoint, check out our webinar at:

This integration is a List View Command Set that adds commands for signing documents and viewing sign requests to each document library.

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