AQL Employee Spotlight

by AQL Technologies

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AQL’s unique add-in for your intranet to highlight employees and boost engagement.

Leverage this web part to highlight prominent employees or staff in your organization. Let your employees know each other’s achievements, accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, and more through relevant accolades, rewards, and celebrations. Create a bias free environment using this list driven configurable web part.

In this web part, we have included the following features:

1. Added social media plug-ins to enable interactions in the form of likes and comments.

2. Multiple layouts for the end-user to choose for displaying each employee info, control look, and feel. The layouts include grid type and carousel types.

3. Control the number of spotlight items to be added in each layout.

4. Provision to schedule information spotlight based on the given start and end date.

5. Ability to activate or deactivate spotlight items to be displayed on the intranet.

6. Read more button to let readers get more information about the highlighted employee.

7. Provision to view and analyze interactions (in form of likes and comments) for each spotlight item.

8. Added communication tools like mail, chat, and call to contact the highlighted employee directly.

9. Provision to notify users of any added comments, replies, or modified comments on the spotlight items.

10. Unlimited spotlight counts with the ability to add as much information as possible.


1. Simple and user-friendly property pane for configuring webpart lists and defining permissions.

2. Make managing spotlight easier with intelligent search option.

3. Auto Rotation toggle button to switch on or off auto rotation for carousel layout.

4. Auto Rotation timer to set the interval in carousel layout.


1. Added new layouts to allow users to select between different layouts.


1. Added new layouts to allow users to select between different layouts.


1. Added support section under property pane.

2. User can able to download user manual from property pane.

Webpart Subscription Details:

Download the Employee Spotlight webpart as a free trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you can purchase the webpart at . Also, get 1-year or 2-year support plans at reasonable prices along with the web part.

Note: While your purchased web part has a lifetime validity, additional support plans need to be purchased after the end of their subscription period.

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