Funtivity by Hermis

by Hermis, Inc.

Team building & learning for distributed workforce through fun activities

Funtivity to improve your learning & training experience!

Funtivity by Hermis has a plethora of activities & content for a wide variety of learning and development needs. With different activities like Trivia, Doodle Challenge, One Minute story and with in-built new meticulously crafted content every week, there are a lot of options to meet everyone's learning needs.

Funtivity is free to get started: Funtivity by Hermis is free for individual use and getting started is easy. Just search for Funtivity in the Microsoft Teams App Store and click on 'Add'. Funtivity can be added to any meeting. You can use Funtivity during a quick 5 minute break to learn about a new concept or have a dedicated session to make it a fun learning session. There is no registration required. But in order to use the app you need to have an active Microsoft Teams account.

If you're looking for a Corporate subscription, please contact us.

How to use Funtivity: When you add Funtivity to your meeting, you can browse the different activities that are available. Click through each of them to learn the different categories available within those activities. For example, in Trivia, you can learn different topics including Workplace Diversity, Team Communication, Managing People, etc. We're always building something new for helping employees learn something new - so be on the lookout for what's coming up next month!

When everyone has joined the Microsoft Teams meeting, ensure that all meeting participants have the Funtivity Tab open before you select an activity to start. When ready, click on Start. Any meeting participant, not only the host, can start Funtivity. All other participants will be prompted to join the Funtivity. The Participants list in the Funtivity app shows the list of users that have joined.

NOTE: There can be only ONE Funtivity that can be active in a given meeting. Others will be asked to join the existing Funtivity event.

When an activity starts, the Funtivity host is prompted to select a theme to get started. The Funtivity host also gets to control the pace of the activity. For example, in Trivia, the Funtivity host controls the speed with which they advance through the questions. All the activities have a time limit, and each attendee gets to pick their answer within that time. All activities are played in solo/individual mode. When the activity ends, a summary is presented that identifies the winners of that activity.

Any meeting participant may choose to leave Funtivity and rejoin any time, while others continue with the activity. Upon rejoining, the participant comes back to the spot where everyone else is at.

Hosting & Customization: If you're looking for someone to host your special training event, we have several Event hosts that can make your event fun for an extra fee. Please [reach out to us]( to check availability.

All Corporate subscriptions include content & theme customization support. If you do not have a Corporate subscription but want to customize your event, please reach out to us and we will honor your request.

Support: To learn more about Funtivity by Hermis, checkout

Privacy policy: Please visit

For any help, please feel free to contact us.

Let the fun-based learning begin!

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