Embark by Hermis

by Hermis, Inc.

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Embark by Hermis is an AI-assisted Learning & Onboarding Companion

Embark is the AI assistant for every employee learning & onboarding journey.

nEmbark brings the best practices out of the box, enabling you to streamline and up-level the experience of Learners in your organization. Embark can be used by People Managers & Learning Organizations looking to improve their processes and enable a Learner become productive in their role quickly. It can be used for a wide variety of use cases - from pre-boarding, HR onboarding, functional onboarding, up-skilling, re-boarding, ever-boarding and even de-boarding.


Embark is a learning-focussed solution that can:

  • Create AI-assisted Learning Journeys blue prints for any new employee role
  • Automatically create fun activities like Trivia, Bingo and Scavenger Hunt to make learning fun
  • Automatically create multi-media assets like PDFs & Videos from your learning content
  • Provide a Chat copilot that answers your questions based on training content
  • Integrates with your HRIS systems via xAPI, documents in OneDrive or Confluence and more

It also includes you detailed knowledge gap analysis based on the different topics. It's all done with ONE click.

That's right. In one click, you get learning journeys, chatbot, activities, multi-media and analytics - all working to ensure your new employee gets the best experience while increasing knowledge retention. You can create different types of events - hosted, self-paced and task-checklists. Embark connects with your Microsoft 365 calendar and can manage your calendar schedules and even highlight the conflicts.

Getting Started

  • It's free to get started. Please watch the [video tutorials]( for tips.
  • No registration required, but you'll need an active Microsoft Teams account
  • For corporate subscription, please [schedule a demo](

Works in Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

With our latest release, you can

  • Get the latest onboarding status for a particular employee. Sample Prompt: Get the latest onboarding status for
  • Get the list of available Learning Journey templates for a given role. Sample Prompt: Find the Learning Journeys that are available for a Software Engineer

Works in Teams Meetings

  • Embed the Embark app in any meeting and when you launch the event, it'll open Embark in a collaboration mode.

Works as a personal app in Microsoft 365

  • Just like you would in the Embark web app, access Embark within Microsoft 365 and enjoy all the features

Messaging Extension in Microsoft Outlook

  • Search for the Onboarding status or an employee or search for journey map templates and embed them to your emails


App capabilities

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  • Can send data over the Internet
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