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Retain and expose your organization's SharePoint Audit Log History directly from SharePoint Online.

A powerful solution to retain and expose your organization's SharePoint Audit Log History directly from SharePoint Online.

Audit History for SharePoint - enables you to easily expose and view your SharePoint Item Audit Log History directly from within the SharePoint Online interface.

Empower your end users, power users, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to see the item audit history for documents and folders right from SharePoint.

Unlock the ability for your users to view their audit history, identify zero-day permissions issues, and enable the identification of unauthorized access and changes right at the source from within SharePoint Online.

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- This offering is based on Microsoft's latest SharePoint Framework(SPFx) solution model, and will be unaffected by Microsoft's add-ins retirement move. Component information: This app can be deployed to all your SharePoint Sites, and uses the SPFx List View Command set.

- This offering requires Audit logging to be enabled on your M365 Tenant. By default, Audit logging is turned on for Microsoft 365 organizations.

Enable an Automatic Compliance Audit Shield for your Organization

Enable SharePoint Audit History as part of the Audit Vault for M365 solution. Audit Vault for M365 represents an automatic audit shield for your organization, our turnkey solution seamlessly integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 Tenant + Accounts – providing a fully automatic protected store of all of your organization’s audit log records. Our solution provides your unaltered document history via insight reports and analytics, custom reports (access your audit log data the way you want when you want), and optionally exposes your Audit History for SharePoint Items right at the source in SharePoint Online.

Avoid losing your Microsoft 365 audit log data after 180 days or 1 year

By default, Microsoft 365 keeps your audit log data (audit history) for only up to 90 days (180 days after Nov 1, 2023) for E3 user licenses, and only up to 1 year for E5 user licenses. After those dates your valuable audit log data could be gone forever!

Audit Vault for M365 enables a secure Audit Vault for all of your organization’s Microsoft 365 audit entries (such as SharePoint, Exchange and Entra ID) for as long as you require.

Help optimize your Microsoft License Costs

Currently to keep your audit log history for 1 year for all Users in your organization requires you to have Microsoft E5 equivalent licenses for all of your Users – this is can be cost prohibitive for many small to medium size organizations!

Our cost-effective solution saves you on licensing costs by providing enhanced protection of your audit log history regardless of your Users having Microsoft E3 or E5 equivalent license types.

Audit Vault for M365 preserves and maintain the historical legal chain of custody of your vital documents in SharePoint including your full Microsoft 365 audit history for as long as you require, and regardless of your Microsoft license types helping you save you on your yearly licensing / subscription costs.

Proof of your Defensible and Unaltered Document History

Failing to provide proof of defensible and unaltered document audit history can result in serious consequences, making the preservation of your document audit log history a critical component of compliance in GxP-regulated, ISO, or compliance sensitive environments and industries.

Audit Vault for M365 allows you to generate defensible audit log compliance certificates:

- Compliance certificate proving your Microsoft 365 go-forward + net-new audit history is unaltered and securely retained + preserved + protected in Audit Vault for M365.

- Compliance certificate proving your Microsoft 365 historical audit history was imported and is securely retained + preserved + protected in Audit Vault for M365.

Easy Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Enhance transparency and accountability. Audit Vault for M365 will help your organization to preserve your legal chain of custody including unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, disposal, transmission, or destruction. Automatically detect suspicious activity and threats in your M365 audit logs. Capture the who, what, when, where and how for as long as you may require. You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company with a huge budget to achieve your SIEM requirements – we got you covered big or small!

Fully Integrated with Microsoft 365

Audit Vault for M365 is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. See and manage every audit log record from Microsoft 365 in your Audit Vault using your existing Microsoft 365 login account for your Tenant. Audit Vault for M365 is a cloud-based solution that scales and grows to meet your compliance requirements.

Simple and Powerful Insights and Reports at Your Fingertips

Audit Vault for M365 gives your IT, Legal or Audit Compliance Users access to important reports that provide valuable insights into your vital Microsoft 365 audit log history. Out-of-the box insights reports provide you detailed analytics on your audit log data, and pave the way for predictive analytics, alerts, and custom reporting.

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