Jan Pieter Posthuma

4.0 (272)

Create a hierarchy of different fields and use it as a slicer with Power BI.

Use a Power BI hierarchy - adhoc created with single fields or pre-defined - as a slicer to filter other report items.

Each level can be expand or collapsed for optimal navigation thru the hierarchy and to find to select (multi or single) the correct attribute from the slicer.


  • Total visible items are limited to +- 30.000 items for optimal performance
  • There is no limit to the number of levels

Release notes


  • Rewritten to the version API 2.5
  • Extra options for Ragged Hierarchies
  • Rewritten filter construction for support for the ISFILTERED() DAX function


  • More scenarios supported for ISFILTERED() DAX function
  • Selection is already visible before filter sent to other visuals


  • Support for ISFILTERED() DAX function
  • Support for High Contrast modes
  • Add header Restatement functionality
  • Add header Outline support
  • Fix for losing selection exiting focus mode
  • Fix for incorrectly selection multiple levels with partial the same label
  • Fix for incorrect functionally of Select all with ragged hierarchies

Complete list is available at: https://azurebi-docs.jppp.org/powerbi-visuals/hierarchy-slicer-changelog.html

- Jan Pieter Posthuma, DataScenarios

Add-in capabilities
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  • Can send data over the Internet
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