Box and Whisker chart


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Visualize a dataset in an effective way as a five-number summary (mean, median, quartiles, min/max)

The Box and whisker plot chart for Power BI is a convenient way of graphically depicting groups of numerical data through their quartiles.

It shows basic statistical information (five-number summary) of a dataset:

  • the 1st and 3rd quartile (box)
  • the median (line)
  • the mean (dot)
  • minimum and maximum value, 1.5x interquartile range [IQR] or custom percentile value (whiskers)

Other options:

  • Add static reference line(s)
  • Option to show outliers
  • Option to show median/mean indicators
  • Optional support for highlight and 'Fixed Categories'
  • Label formatting options, including font size and font family
  • Option to enable data labels

Release Notes



  • Support for bookmarks
  • Added 'Log' axis
  • Support for 'Report tooltips'
  • Added High Contrst support


  • Option to incluse zero/null
  • Fix for start/end axis values
  • Removed fixed dataPoint limit
  • Improved highlight support



  • Support for highlighting
  • Add 'sampling' details to tooltips
  • Add changing category axis label orientation


  • Changing data colors fixed
  • Outlier tooltips shows now correct values



  • Fixed value reference line
  • Axis formatting options (font, text size, decimals, units)
  • Axis titles + formatting options
  • Data labels formatting


  • Quartile calculation (excluding/including)
  • Extra custom whisker type: custom percentile values
  • Fixed color for all categories
  • Coloring option to mean and median indicators


  • First release to the Office Store

This is an open source visual. Code is available at my GitHub:

- Jan Pieter Posthuma, DataScenarios

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