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​Transform dense statistical data into a network of categories and relationships.

​Journey Chart by MAQ Software enables users to clearly display complex, multi-stage lead paths. In this visual, nodes represent categories and vertices represent relationships between categories. The bigger the node or vertex, the larger the value. Customizable node colors make distinguishing between categories easy. Explain process flow, uncover underlying patterns, highlight subcategories stemming from a single source, identify connections between categories, and more with this clear, uncluttered visual.

Business Uses:

  • Market Research: Uncover the underlying patterns of subject responses to products
  • Leadership: Break down complex, multi-team process flows to identify performance optimization opportunities and key relationships
  • Recruitment: Highlight candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and other relevant traits

Key Features:

  • Text labels and tooltips with information such as title or value
  • Customizable colors and sizes for text labels
  • Option to add a legend to clarify complex graphs

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