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Add Natural Language Summaries for BI

Arria NLG

NEW 2018. Add narratives for any data-driven visual, or underlying data, across the entire dashboard

With Arria NLG Studio’s Articulate Intelligence you can narrate key facts and insights you want to highlight for your readers using Natural Language Generation.

By adding Arria’s powerful NLG Studio tool to your Power BI Desktop, you equip yourself with the ability to generate narratives for any type of data-driven visual, or for underlying data, across the entire dashboard. Now you can generate natural language that explains the most important insights and key drivers, often not captured in your visuals.

Look at the visuals on your dashboard. How would you explain the critical information, in your own words? What are the main questions you want to answer about the data behind your report? With NLG Studio, you make the narrative express what’s most critical, in the language of the subject matter expert – you.


o Immediate contextual awareness across all the data

o Narratives are fully interactive:

  • In selections within visuals

  • With filters and drill-downs

o Narratives created for any type of data-driven visual, or even for underlying data not visualized in your report

o Narratives created that draw on data from as many visuals as you like

o Your words, your thinking, your logic – it’s these that determine the NLG you are embedding, not generic, pre-written templates

  • You create the narrative – for your specific use case, about the domain in which your expertise resides

o The NLG is available in published dashboards on the web (outside Power BI Desktop)


o Context-aware insights captured in narratives generated with Arria’s cutting-edge NLG capabilities

o Encode your human, BI-analyst knowledge into the system – don’t settle for what’s been written into templates by developers who don’t know your domain.

o Built-in integration of NLG to make your Power BI analytics more informative and easy to understand

  • Tightly coupled workflow between Power BI and NLG Studio for designing, publishing, and connecting the NLG project to the visualization

o Full flexibility for the BI developer – interpret the findings, summarize the key insights, point out specific facts, or tell the whole story in as many words as you need

o Fast-track access to the Arria Store:

  • Leverage the work of NLG engineers, data scientists, and other BI developers who have created applications and published them there

  • Use Arria’s starter projects and sample applications

Quick Start Guide:

You'll need an Arria NLG Studio account to use this add-in. Sign up for the free trial:

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet