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ValQ – Business Planning & Simulations

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ValQ - Business modeling tool to perform agile planning, simulations, forecasting & what-if scenario

Model your business and perform simulations like never before. ValQ is a business modeling tool that enables your organization to perform agile planning, simulations, forecasting and what-if scenario analysis. ValQ helps executives and decision-makers visualize and analyze various business scenarios for effective decision making.

ValQ is a business modeling system that enables users to create mathematical or conceptual models of their business, visualized in a way that links the business KPIs (what management or stakeholders care about) to the operational drivers (the things that can be influenced to change the KPIs). ValQ leverages the power of Microsoft Power BI and is installed and used as a custom visual in Power BI. However, it is much more than a traditional visual. ValQ can be a very powerful and complex tool. Users can build a simple model in a matter of minutes, or when the complexities of their business require it, they can build a very complex model – several of our customers have models with thousands of data points (nodes).

ValQ’s highly engaging and intuitive interface has been designed to cater exclusively to decision-makers and executives. This ensures that they do not have to rely on analysts and IT developers every time they need to make a modification or run one more simulation. Here are some key features of ValQ:

  • The high-performance embedded engine in ValQ ensures that all your simulations get updated instantaneously, in a fraction of a second.
  • Simulate on multiple drivers at once and analyze variance on outcomes due to each driver.
  • With ValQ, you can create new scenarios, compare results of multiple scenarios, save and share scenarios with other users with ease.
  • Deliver an executive’s view of the business by customizing the model the way you want.
  • Consume the models you build in desktop and mobile devices. Supports touch gestures such as pinch-and-zoom.

While the ValQ can be used as a standalone tool for planning, it does not have to necessarily replace your existing system – ValQ can be used to complement the existing bottom-up planning tools being used in your organization. Using valQ, you can quickly define key planning parameters using a top-down approach before embarking on a full-blown bottom-up validation of targets. This ensures that there is consensus on high-level targets (for metrics such as target volume, prices, sales mix and variable costs), before the organization proceeds to create budgets in greater detail.

Enterprises have found that this balanced approach of combining top-down and bottom-up planning helps them leverage the best of both worlds. Using valQ in the process has the following benefits:

  • Encourages upfront target discussions: ValQ models are excellent communication tools, with instantaneous and intuitive simulation capabilities that can be easily understood by senior executives in a meeting.
  • Streamlines the number of planning iterations: valQ simulations help clarify expectations and arrive at benchmarks earlier in the cycle, and the teams have a frame of reference that they try to meet, thereby avoiding large deviations. This initial alignment saves time on planning iterations.
  • Reduces the need for more time-consuming changes in bottom-up plans: These savings are significant when you consider that typical bottom-up plans leverage highly sophisticated and complex platforms such as SAP BPC or Hyperion, where each planning iteration expends a lot of time and resources.
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