Dual card is a custom visual to compare two measures.

Visual provides advanced formatting options to compare two measures.

Visual requires two measures. First measure is referred as data and second as comparison measure.

Key features:

* Compare two measures.

* Formatting options for data and comparison measure.

* Display blank measure as static value.

* Support for large font.

* Conditional formatting : Fill/background, labels, categories.

* Card orientation & Fill options

Note on release 1.0.4:

This release includes few new features including support for tooltip.

Major change in visual option has been introduced. In this release measure and comparison measure are in two separate fields.

Users of dual card prior to this release - Please readjust and place measure and comparison measure in respective fields.

Please visit visual support page for more details.

Due apologies for the any inconvenience caused.

Visual capabilities
When this visual is used, it
  • Can access external services or resources
  • At a glance