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Compare progress of desired value against target value

# Linear A linear gauge is visual representation of a measuring device with a vertical or horizontal colour zoned scale and a pointer or multiple pointers indicating desired values in the scale. xViz linear gauge gives you the ability to see in what range the value of interest falls in the gauge for easy comparison and analysis. Configuration options such as orientation, conditional formatting ,Number formatting etc options are available in xViz Linear gauge to customize the appearance of gauges. KEY FEATURES - Conditional Formatting Bands - Number Formatting - Target Value Marker - Target & Gauge Maximum Based Conditional Formatting - Additional Tooltips USE CASES 1. Represent Achieved sales vs targeted sales 2. Represent state bottle Retail vs State Bottle cost For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at : []( Pro features are listed in visual and [Pro Features](, additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list.

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