Toggle switch by TME AG


Show and hide multiple data fields with switch on/off

This visual acts as a trigger to show and hide some data with a toggle switch

Basic Features:

- It works best with string data types

- User can choose multiple values for switch ON and OFF but these values must be separated by a comma

- It can accept an unlimited number of values for ON and OFF

- The toggle switch can have two different shapes (round and rectangle)

- User can set switch color for turn ON and OFF

- Alternative titles can be used for both on and off state

- These alternate titles can be turned off completely

- User can set the location of these titles, on top or bottom of the toggle switch

Pro features:

- Multiple filters to match your data fields e.g (exact-match, includes, starts-with, ends-with)

- Three states including ON, OFF, and Neutral (it shows visual as not filtering any data)

- Manually handle to resize Toggle Switch

- Alternative header titles for all states

- It supports *bookmark and multipage syncing

The recently updated version contains new user-requested features as well as bug fixes. The current version has a performance enhancement overhaul to support larger datasets.

* Please update your bookmarks accordingly if values for turn ON and OFF in toggle are changed.

Please contact us at for your suggestions or feature requests.

Visual capabilities
When this visual is used, it
  • Can access external services or resources
  • At a glance