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ValQ is a Modern Visual Planning solution for Planning, Budgeting, and perform business forecasting.

Meet all your simulations, analysis, planning & forecasting needs right inside Microsoft Power BI.

ValQ (Power BI Certified) is an independent, serverless, and multi-purpose application that supports use cases across the enterprise. It can empower what-if simulations, scenario analysis, sales / finance / operations planning, forecasting, budgeting, value driver planning, variance analysis, sensitivity analysis, attribution analysis, time series forecasting and more.

Product Highlights


1. ValQ is an independent and serverless solution; It does not require any database, server or IT support to operate.

2. ValQ is designed for analysts. Build models with no need for coding & scripting skills.

3. Build analysis models directly from data in seconds

4. Build complex planning models by leveraging a library of spreadsheet-like mathematical formulae & functions

5. Visualize your data in expandable/collapsible tree and tabular formats

6. ValQ is mobile-friendly; Leverage pinch-and-zoom, click-and-drag and touch-friendly gestures on mobile devices

7. Perform cell-level and node-level commenting


1. Perform what-if simulations on the fly using a drag-drop interface, and visualize impact on outcomes instantly & intuitively

2. Create multiple scenarios and compare scenario outcomes in a few minutes, not hours

3. Enhance your productivity by using in-built analysis templates for scenario comparisons, attribution analysis and variance analysis


1. Perform time-series forecasting from historical data without bringing in or integrating libraries from R and Python. Methods available include linear trend, weighted average, and moving average. An auto-forecast capability is also available.


1. Create plans based on most recent performance or from a blank template (for zero-based budgeting)

2. Leverage an intelligent & editable table interface to perform top-down and bottom-up planning intuitively; The editable table is intelligent enough to identify simple mathematical operations with scaling e.g., +12.4k, -5%

3. Automatically distribute any updates across the planning hierarchy & time (vertically & horizontally) using one of various spreading & allocation methods - weights-based, trend-based, and driver-based.

ValQ is available in two editions: ValQ (PBI certified edition) and ValQ Collaborate (with Azure Integration for collaboration, storage & audit features). Visit our website to learn more.


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