Candlestick (Light Edition)

by 北京敏捷艾科数据技术有限公司

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A candlestick chart for analysis history data of the stock market

The Candlestick is used to display the historical data of the stock market, which particularly useful for financial analysts or students engaged in financial research. Features as follow: - Support zoom-in and zoom-out - Support tooltip - Provide some simple financial analysis auxiliary tools (such as "high-low annotations") - Display the predefined or customized MA lines (base on simple moving average) - Allow users to copy data to the clipboard (may disable in the next version) It also eliminates line breakpoints caused by the stock market's closed day. R package dependencies(auto-installed): ggplot2, plotly. Limitations: 10000 rows limit in the chart and 1000 rows limit for "Copy To Clipboard"

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