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Create beautiful, easy to explore networks from category-based data.

Drill Down Network PRO (Pin) is used by 80% of Fortune 200 companies. Its flexible customization options, intuitive interactions and cross-highlighting features makes it the perfect addition to any business dashboard. Used together with the Drill Down Visuals Bundle, report creators have all the necessary tools to create reports that empower business users.

Create beautiful, easy to explore networks from category-based data and add them straight to your dashboard. This chart automatically detects relations among categories, its force feedback layout prevents nodes from overlapping, and rich customization options let you control the look of each category. Click right on the chart to highlight data and quickly spot relations and outliers to examine in more detail.


  • On-chart interactions – zoom in/out, click to select the node, highlight data
  • Pin-to-dashboard support – easily enhance your dashboards with this chart
  • Category based customization – set node type, shape, color and font
  • Force feedback layout – examine data points effortlessly with a layout preventing node overlap
  • Link decorations – add direction to links and show their value
  • Separate “inside” and “outside” labels – define the location for node labels
  • Legend support – show and analyze up to 9 data categories
  • Full customization – customize nodes, links, node labels, categories, legends
  • Multi-touch device friendly – get equal experience on any device


  • Accounting and Finance – exploring cost structure by showing the attribution to project or department
  • Human Resources – analyzing salary data by department, seniority and office
  • Production – mapping production volumes by product, factory, production line and line manager
  • Sales & Marketing – visualizing marketing campaigns by type, medium, cost, profit, and manager

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free access to the paid features.

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ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are known for their interactive drilldowns, smooth animations and rich customization options. Use them to create reports and dashboards that business users absolutely love – visually appealing, with an intuitive, quick, and easy data exploration experience on every device.

ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals are mobile friendly and support: interactions, selections, custom and native tooltips, filtering, fetching more data, bookmarks, and context menu.

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