HTML VizCreator Cert by BI Samurai

by BI Samurai

Microsoft PBI Certified
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Must-have certified HTML visual to create custom visualisations

Note that this visual was previously called "HTML Text Styler by K Team Solutions"

Why you should use this visual:

To put this into one sentence: This visual can be used for nearly anything and can be the solution for many things you can't do with native Power BI visuals. 

What the HTML VizCreator Cert can add to your report:

  • Your very own custom visualization
  • Custom bar charts
  • Fully customized KPI cards
  • Fully customized tables
  • Dynamically formatted text
  • Much more... Just come up with your own ideas 👍

What else can you get from BI Samurai:

The HTML VizCreator Cert is Microsoft certified ✅so it is safe to use and can be exported to PDF and PowerPoint.

Please note that the free version of the visual has limited capabilities but we offer free trial licenses.

To get a license for the HTML VizCreator Cert visit our website

If you are looking for a visual that can also deal with CSS and SVG, take a look at the HTML VizCreator Flex

Visual capabilities

This visual is certified by Power BI

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