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ChatGPT, OpenAI and AI directly in Power BI with a chat interface

AI Lens is a visual platform that enables interactions with your data sources like ChatGPT, either integrated or standalone. Getting started with AI Lens is simple: create an account with us at to begin, or if you seek more customizability, configure your own Language Learning Model (LLM) like those from OpenAI or Azure OpenAI with additional LLMs on the horizon.

AI Lens provides a secure connection between LLMs and your data, granting you the freedom to select your desired configuration.

Our platform allows extensive customization of visuals, enabling you to alter the color of every element within the visual to your preference.

AI Lens stays on top of OpenAI's privacy policies and updates to their LLMs, ensuring you engage with up-to-date models without concern.

We currently offer the following models:

  • AI Lens Server (Custom-trained model for data analytics, based on OpenAI's GPT)
  • GPT 3.5 Turbo
  • GPT 3.5 Turbo with 16k Tokens
  • GPT 4
  • GPT 4 with 32k Tokens
  • Azure OpenAI
  • Custom

For free users, we impose a limit of 100k tokens when using our servers, and a cap of seven messages per session on custom-configured LLMs allowing you to use our visual without any watermarks.

For all users, paid and free, we require you to get your license key from No Credit Card Required

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