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ProcessChampion is your one-stop shop to bring your process analytics to the next level!

Process improvement initiatives are extremely rewarding. An efficient business process give any organization the leading edge. It's beautiful to see a well designed, well streamlined process in action. ProcessChampion helps process analysts, consultants and process champions to bring process improvement to the next level.

ProcessChampion provides you with all the foundation features to jump start your business process analysis. Let your data tells you an interesting story. Discover process maps, identify bottlenecks, run events animations, measure throughput and more.

The free edition comes with the following exciting features

- Helps you discover your actual process. Use it for process design, or validation checks.
- Visualize your bottlenecks easily with color codes and visual clues. Find out where to focus your improvement easily.
- Run data animation. Take the director seat. Let your data tell you an interesting story.
- Measure actual throughputs, no more guessing.

The premium edition gives you even more. For advanced users, premium edition gives you:
- Investigate your process variants and understand how they implicate the overall process design
- Experiment and set process key performance indicators (KPIs). Visualize what makes your operation tick
- More advanced configurations for presentation and visualization, including the use of custom images.

and more in our development pipeline......

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